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Unleashing Agent, Supervisor Potential in UCCX Contact Centers

Oct 27, 2017 | Contact Centers

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OnTraQ Plus flips the traditional contact center paradigm upside down by giving managers, supervisors and agents control of their personal work environment. And going further, OnTraQ Plus gives managers and supervisors direct control to configure the operating environment of their contact centers. With OnTraQ Plus, contact centers elevate performance as team members see and believe they can succeed. Self-efficacy and empowerment become real and powerful driving forces. High achievers thrive. Secondary achievers learn and grow.

With OnTraQ Plus’ shared metrics, agents know exactly where they stand. Agents can see their performance just as their supervisor does. So, they can step up their performance even before their supervisor needs to approach them. 

OnTraQ Plus provides the front office desktop functionality for managers, supervisors and agents. The desktop for managers and supervisors provides both real-time and historical reports along with agent state control and messaging. The agent desktop includes panes for customer engagement and personal performance reports. All desktops are self-configurable. Supervisors can configure agent desktop default layouts for their specific team. Then agents can personalize their desktop layout for maximum workflow efficiency based on their individual preferences and work methods.

OnTraQ Plus interfaces to the back office call routing and event handling functions provided by the Finesse CTI Servers. OnTraQ Plus replaces the Finesse desktops, associated gadgets and CUIC. Easy to implement. Easy to use.

OnTraQ Plus is the next generation for the UCCX front office.  With OnTraQ Plus, what can and should be done in the front office is done in the front office. Contact center staff is emboldened. IT resources are freed up. To learn more on how OnTraQ Plus changes the dynamics of contact center operations, contact Impact Technologies today at 314.743.1430 or


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