Release Notes

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Upgrades are periodically released to improve performance, enhance usability, add features and correct program defects.  The upgrades are available exclusively to our customers that maintain an active service agreement. Customers are encouraged to check our web site for the latest upgrade availability.  Customers can order an upgrade via telephone, mail, e-mail or fax. No tangible personal property will be delivered over the life of the service contract.


This section highlights the feature enhancements for Traffic Analyst releases since June 2015. 

Call Forensics Module

  • New Reporting fields include Calls Inbound, Calls Outbound, Calls Internal, Max Simultaneous Calls, Max Simultaneous Seizures, SIP Response Code, Call Phase, Supplemental Service, Connected Party, Connected Department, Connected Cost Center, Connected Organization, Connected Manager, Connected Building, Connected COS, SIP Response Code, Auth Code Description, Authorization Level, Comment, Last Redirect Number, Pilot Number, Charged Extension MAC Address, Connected Number MAC Address, Destination MAC Address and Originating Number MAC Address
  • New average fields available for reporting, including Average Call Duration, Average Seizure Duration, Average Wait Duration, Average Queue Duration, Average Hold Duration and Average Cost
  • Number Management for tracking and reporting of DID and non-DID number status, such as In Use, On Hold, Reserved, Available and Aging plus five new preset reports
  • Added MAC Address, Date IP Address Changed and Previous IP Address fields to Extension Activity report
  • Option to automatically add user name and other departmental information configured in switch for populating organizational data for reports
  • Subscriber tree display may be toggled on or off in Consumer Tree
  • Call duration always displayed in all alarms which have a duration threshold
  • Option to define alarms based on trunk group, route or virtual trunk group
  • Time Zone setting for reports
  • Enhanced default "Destinations Only" table with expanded data for NANP prefixes
  • Data collection, processing and Call Forensics reports for Siemens 9751 platform
  • New "No CDR Data Collected" alarm for Siemens 9751 switch
  • New “SIP Response Code” and "Phone IP Address Changed" alarms for Cisco UCM, OpenScape Voice and OpenScape 4000
  • Bulk e-mails allow the user to schedule a TARPT report to be automatically sent to a group of recipients based on the organizational structure configured within the Consumers Tree
  • “Called Number Summary” preset report
  • Subscriber information added to alarm text (if available)
  • Enhanced options to organizational file import logic
  • Option to create "incoming" segment for transit calls
  • Option to select individual fields for Cisco UCM download, including multiple options for Location and Subscriber
  • “Failed Calls Last 2 Days” and “Failed Calls Last 8 Days” preset report templates

Network Forensics Module

  • “Virtual Trunk Group” analytics   
  • “Ignore Ring Time” option for trunk groups to only include calls with call duration greater than zero (0) in network analysis
  • New Reporting fields include Trunks in Service and Trunks Reserved/Disabled (for OpenScape/HiPath 4000 and Avaya platforms)
  • Options to Delete, Deactivate and Activate routes via menu in Explorer tree
  • "Trunks Max Used Current Interval" and "Trunks Max Used Current Day" available after interval processing for Avaya platform
  • Time Zone setting for reports
  • Additional CDR fields available for Network drill down reports
  • "Gateway" report option for Unify OpenScape/HiPath 4000 gateways, including new "Gateway Activity Summary Last 7 Days" preset report


  • Analytics for Ascom IP-DECT and IP-VoWiFi, including Call Forensics and Network reports
  • Status Log report and one preset
  • Audit Log report and two presets
  • Support for Unify OpenScape Business
  • OpenScape Voice V8 and V9 supported
  • Unify OpenScape Branch analytics
  • Cisco Unified Call Manager V10.5 and V11 supported
  • By using Shift and Ctrl keys, user may select a range of values within all list boxes where multiple items can be selected
  • Chart date/time format is independent of wedgrid format
  •  “Not Ends With” and “Not Contains” filters in web grid
  • Option to SFTP CSV output for scheduled Call Forensics, Network Utilization and Network QoS reports
  • Option to schedule a report directly from web grid
  • Scheduled TARPT report links active for 60 days (instead of 30) before deleted
  • Option to select a range of items in list boxes in dashboard
  • Enhanced Excel formatting options for on demand exports and scheduled reports
  • Explorer tree options for flexible displaying of trunk groups and routes
  • New report Time Zone option of "Default: Use Local Time"
  • Ability to multi-select items in Explorer tree to drag to virtual groups
  • Support for Windows Server 2016
  • SAP SQL Anywhere 17


This section lists key bug fixes that are included in Traffic Analyst since June 2015. 

  • When using "Max Used Last 7 days" column and current data is included in the report, the current day's data is included, plus the data from the previous seven complete
  • Updated duplicate check logic for OpenScape Voice to avoid discarding records that should be saved
  • OpenScape Voice communications test requires successful test to both Node 1 and Node 2 before reporting success
  • Improved logic to combine Cisco call segments into calls more accurately
  • Network Utilization report now works when using month detail
  • Improved dashboard memory utilization
  • Emailing dashboard errors works with email systems requiring authentication
  • The data calendar now shows data for previous years for Call Forensics Only implementations
  • Trunk group alarm correctly displays the start time in text when the range time for alarm period is midnight
  • Corrections for the Network Utilization report fields of "Failed Calls" and "Answered Calls"



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