PhoneGuide LIVE! FAQs

Q.  My users are not seeing any videos.  Is something missing?
A.  Make sure that you have added the .FLV mime extension. You do this through Internet Information Services on the Properties window and select the MIME types tab. See the QuickStart Guide or the documentation included on the CD for more information. 

Q.  The PhoneGuide LIVE! Administrator can't connect to my HiPath 4000 switch. What is wrong?
A.  There could be several things blocking access. Do you have the correct IP address for your switch? You can test this by taking the IP you are using and putting it in your Internet Explorer browser's URL address field, and if it is correct it should connect and display HiPath Assistant. Another issue could be XIE not being turned on. This is a utility on your HiPath switch that you turn on via an option in HiPath Assistant. Contact Unify for help.

Q.  What versions of Xpressions does PhoneGuide LIVE! provide help and training for?
A.  PhoneGuide LIVE! provides help and training for Xpressions 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0. 

Q.  How do I make sure the proper version of Xpressions training is being used?
A.  You do this by selecting the proper version when you define your User Group. Refer to the documentation in PDF format on the CD and the online help. 

Q.  What Unify switches are supported by PhoneGuide LIVE!?
A.  The HiPath 3000, HiPath 4000, and OpenScape Voice switches are all supported by PhoneGuide LIVE!. 

Q.  Can PhoneGuide LIVE! be set to import from the switch automatically?
A.  Yes, you can set up a schedule for imports for the HiPath 4000. 

Q.  Can PhoneGuide LIVE! run across our WAN?
A.  Yes.

Q.  Will users see their own phones replicated in PhoneGuide LIVE!?
A.  Yes, for the OpenScape Voice and HiPath 4000 users. For the HiPath 4000, all the button assignments for each extension are imported from the switch and displayed in PhoneGuide LIVE!.  For OpenScape Voice users, PhoneGuide LIVE! retrieves the phone information directly from the SIP phones as users access PhoneGuide LIVE!.  For the HiPath 3000, the information is not available, so PhoneGuide LIVE! uses phone templates for training purposes. 

Q.  What do users need to install so they can use PhoneGuide LIVE!?
A.  At the minimum, users need a way of connecting to the PhoneGuide LIVE! server with their Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher browser, Adobe Flash installed on their PCs, and a soundcard and speakers or headphones. 

Q.  Does PhoneGuide LIVE! come with documentation?
A.  Yes. There is documentation in PDF format on the CD, and the PhoneGuide LIVE! administrator application also includes online help.

Q.  My OpenStage 15 phone is not self-labeling. Is there anything PhoneGuide LIVE! can do to help me with that?
A.  Yes. When your phone is imported into PhoneGuide LIVE! it keeps track of your programmed key labels. For the OpenStage 15 phone, a PDF with a correctly sized faceplate template can be automatically generated with these key labels. All you have to do is print the PDF, cut out the faceplate and place it on your phone.  The same faceplate option is also available for the OpenStage 30 phone.

Q.  What can I do if I exceed my PhoneGuide LIVE! station license count?
A.  You can contact Impact's Sales Department at 314.743.1430 to purchase addtional station licenses.