Q. What reports are available with OnTraQ?
A.  OnTraQ includes a variety of displays and reports.  From a single portal, users can view real time and historical reports and also reports for multiple call centers.  Real time displays include:  Agent Status, Service Group (RCG/Queue) Status, Life of Call, Agent Activity Log, etc.  The Report Criteria selections allow you to craft the exact information you want for tabular and graphical reports – dates, time periods, report detail, service groups, ANI/DNIS, data groups, chart style and more. You can customize performance report templates to create scorecards tailored to the needs of each supervisor and manager.

Q.  How do I create a report? 
A.  From the Agent Teams Explorer or Service Group Explorer, right click on the object you want to create a report (specific agent, agent team, service group, etc.). The menu gives you options for Historical or Current Performance. Select which one you prefer. Note that you can also choose to create a report based on an existing template or start with a new report. For this example, select New Report option. 

  • The OnTraQ New Report template will appear in a new window. From this window, you can tailor your report to match your specific report criteria, such as:
    • Use Options window at bottom of screen to select the filters you want to use.  Filters can include the date range, time periods, report detail, time formatting and more.
    • The Data Groups option allows you to include or exclude predefined sets of column data.  Check or uncheck as applicable.
    • With your mouse selector positioned in the upper columns (such as over Total Calls or Total Time per Call), you can use a right mouse click to add or remove individual columns of data. 
  • If you want to save your new report template for future use, name the report template in the Save As box, choose to make the template available for only you or to everyone by selecting appropriate radio button and then hit Save button.
  • To review your report, hit Display button in Options window.  If you want to modify your template, make the changes and hit Save again.

Q.  Can I schedule and/or e-mail reports?
A.  OnTraQ allows you to define the reports you need and set any schedule to generate them – daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  Generated reports can be emailed to a distribution group or saved in a network directory or even printed.  

Q.  How do I schedule a report to be automatically emailed to my team members?
A.  To schedule a report, first create the template that you want to use.  (Refer to previous question on creating reports.) When you have the template you need, follow these steps:

  • Open the Tools menu option and select Scheduled Activities.  New tabs will open – Scheduled Activities and Report Templates.
  • In the Scheduled Activities tab, right mouse click and select Create Scheduled Activity.  A new activity will be added to list.
  • Right mouse click on the new activity and select Properties.  
  • Complete the screen with appropriate information including Name, Schedule, Export Option (for e-mail select Send output as an attachment to e-mail) and enter e-mail addresses. Hit Save Schedule.
  • In the Reports Templates tab, navigate the tree to find the template(s) that you want to schedule.  Drag the report template to your new Activity and drop.  You are ready to go!

Q.  Do I have to buy OnTraQ for all my agents?
A.  OnTraQ is priced based on the number of stations with Agent Privileges, not Agents or Agent IDs.  And, you can purchase only the number of stations you want to monitor.  For example, only purchase licenses to monitor your IVR ports. 

Q.  Why do I need CAP licenses?
A.  The CAP Server provides the conduit needed to capture the HiPath 4000 detailed data needed for OnTraQ displays and reports.  CAP is licensed based on the number of Stations with Agent Privileges plus RCGs. 

Q.  Can I use OnTraQ for more than one call center?
A.  Yes! OnTraQ provides a single portal for one or many call centers that can be hosted off a single HiPath 4000 or a combination of HiPath 4000s and Survivable IPDAs.

Q.  Can I monitor my agents’ 2nd line activity?
A.  Yes! OnTraQ captures and displays 2nd line activity.  All 2nd line calls are shown in the Life of Call display.  The Activity Log allows users to sort by the category 2nd Line Events, in addition to drilling deeper into specific 2nd line activities.  Current and Historical Reports offer several 2nd line data fields, including: 2nd Line ACD Talk, 2nd Line Non-ACD In, 2nd Line Non-ACD out, etc.  Note: Additional CAP licenses are required to support 2nd line monitoring.