Q.  Will DAKS interface to my PBX platform?
A.  DAKS interfaces with TDM switches via T1 or E1 PRIs using NI2, QSIG, CorNet-NQ, CorNet-NQ with MLPP or DSS1. For VoIP platforms, DAKS connects via GBit-Ethernet using SIP (RFC3261), SIP with MLPP or SIP-Q. 

Q.  How many PCs can the Administrator Tool and Operator Tool be loaded on?
A.  The Administrator Tool and Operator Tool can be loaded on as many PCs as you would like, but with standard licence only 10 users can access the tools simultaneously.  An expansion license is available that will increase the number of parallel Operators or Administrators from 10 to 20.

Q.  Do I need to have the Operator Tool to kick off a Broadcast or Conference?
A.  No, the applications can be kicked off via the Operator Tool or via the phone using an access code to the DAKS and then a “dial-thru” code for the application that you would like to initiate.

Q.  What happens if the Administration PC gets turned off accidentally?  Will I get an alarm?
A.  No alarm will be sent to you, but the DAKS Communication Server can operate independently from the Administration PC.  In other words, your broadcasts, conferences, etc. will still be accessible.  It is a good idea to check on the PC periodically because the database is not backed up if the PC is not up and running, but as for day-to-day operation, the PC is not necessary.

Q.  Is the DAKS database backed up?  How often?  Can I control to where it is backed up?
A.  The DAKS database is backed up by the administration PC each night.  If the DAKS database is not up and running on that PC, backups will not occur, but the DAKS Communication server will be able to operate normally.

Q.  Does the DAKS server come with default announcements?  If we want to, can we record our own announcements?
A.  The DAKS server does come with a set of default announcements that can be used.  If your company would like to record their own announcements, this can be done via the phone dialing into the DAKS, or you can create WAV files using your favorite audio software and those WAV files can be loaded into the DAKS Communication Server.

Q.  Can I limit permissions so that users/operators only see broadcasts/conferences/etc. that they are responsible for?
A.  Access to groups can be limited if the optional feature “Client Groups” is purchased.  Without this additional feature, a single client group is provided.  Purchasing the Client Group feature will allow for 10 client groups, expandable to 20 client groups.