The dynamic nature of today’s networks plus the lack of effective analytics make voice network management a complex challenge. Mergers and acquisitions, technology migrations and economic cycles make optimizing network capacity problematic. Putting voice or video on a network designed for delay introduces complexity to providing clear, reliable communications. Getting blindsided by any one of a number of potential network service problems is a real threat.  From network design to service provider contract negotiation to operational management, constant challenges exist.

Impact Technologies delivers definitive, easy-to-use solutions for complex problems.  For voice networks, Traffic Analyst cuts through traditional telecom jargon and distills usage and performance data into timely, actionable intelligence that will have a dramatic impact on your business operations. 

It starts with helping our clients elevate Total Caller Experience® with visibility across the four links of a call. If any of these (transport, setup, conversation, termination) have problems, the call fails. In addition, Traffic Analyst offers simplified voice administration with 24x365 visibility and proactive monitoring of your network to highlight fraud, uncover idle assets and track DID and non-DID number inventory.

Traffic Analyst eliminates surprises by providing complete voice network visibility, be it a TDM, SIP or hybrid network. Other solutions provide only a slice of what you need.  Your switch manufacturer’s management tool is limited to just their platform and is not the focus of their best development efforts.  Traffic Analyst is switch agnostic, providing visibility across all your vendors and platforms and is continually enhanced driven by market demands.  Plus, you need to know more than just who called who and how much it costs. So why settle for call accounting when you can have call forensics?  Go deeper with call quality diagnostics, call tracing and even number management. Traffic Analyst is the answer!

Network Forensics – Optimize your TDM, SIP or hybrid network with full life cycle assurance to minimize operating costs and assure targeted service levels.

Call Forensics – Go beyond call accounting to complete visibility into call quality analytics, call tracing and number management. 


Total Caller Experience®

For voice networks, Traffic Analyst offers analytics and alarms to better design and operate your network to increase the certainty that your callers can place and receive calls and have a quality experience. Every link in the call process is critical!

  • Transport - Traffic Analyst has a variety of tools and analytics to assure the voice network is designed appropriately to assure there is a channel available for call. No available channel, no call. And, the answer is not the huge overprovisioning some customers try. Not a good plan when the CIO is looking to cut costs, not spend more. And, in today’s SIP world it is all about getting the concurrent call paths and call admission control engineered correctly. 
  • Setup - Next is helping customers address why calls are failing to connect. Traffic Analyst lets customers see the problems and be able to address them.
  • Conversation - If the call sets up, most of us expect to have a high-quality conversation. That’s where QoS analytics such as MOS, jitter and packet loss come in. Traffic Analyst can pinpoint extensions, gateways and other devices that are experiencing quality problems.  
  • Termination - And, no one is happy when a call drops before saying goodbye. Traffic Analyst clearly shows why calls are terminating unexpectedly.

Simplified Voice Administration

Whether you are managing a TDM network, preparing for or in process of a transition to SIP, or managing a SIP network, you need the right metrics and methodology to optimize your network and operations for day-to-day voice administration.

  • Proactive Monitoring – By having all the data at your fingertips 24 x 365, you can monitor usage trends, uncover IVR ports that are out of service, detect fraudulent calls before the massive bill shows up, validate call trends for frequently dialed numbers and much more. 
  • Call Tracing - Whether the business driver is validating call routing or tracing a threatening call back to the source, Traffic Analyst offers a single web page for call queries so users can find exactly the call or calls they need. Plus, Traffic Analyst has more report columns available to provide additional insight. No more raw CDR file investigations!
  • Inventory Management – Whether looking to identify extensions with no activity to reclaim the physical phone to redeploy (and save the cost of additional hardware, license and maintenance fees) or a better way to manage number inventory, Traffic Analyst offers it all in a single tool.



By overcoming the limitations and complications of the industry’s traditional engineering methodologies, Traffic Analyst provides a simple, more reliable alternative to improve the service and cost performance of your voice network.  

  • Customizable Dashboard honed to each user and environment, streamlining the task of network management
  • Unlimited Reports & Charts put all your key metrics and views at your fingertips with no time wasted waiting for a vendor to build a new report
  • Virtual Groups give you the flexibility to choose any combination of switches, trunk groups, routes, stations, departments, cost centers and more for your reports.  
  • Alarm Management through user-defined alerts of deteriorating service levels, fraudulent use of the network and emergency calls
  • Switch Platform Agnostic for integrated analysis of networks with a mix of telephony switches from multiple manufacturers
  • Network Discovery to automatically detect changes in the network, eliminating time-consuming and tedious configuration tasks   



Do you prefer to own and operate the solution on your site?  Or, is the option to minimize your upfront investment more attractive?  You choose the model that works best for your organization.

24x365 Visibility
  • Premise-based license and subscription options are available
  • A hosted, managed services option is available, providing:
    • Minimal upfront investment
    • No equipment to maintain or upgrades to install
    • Access via a web browser
Snapshot Visibility
  • Traffic Study - 5 days to 13 weeks, including 30 day access to Traffic Analyst for detailed investigation
  • Network Analysis - Traffic Study plus inventory of routing plans and trunk groups, what-if modeling and optimization recommendations

Traffic Analyst is like having an expert engineer analyzing your network on a full time basis.  Traffic Analyst provides the tools you need to get the answers to questions about your performance.  You get the right answers and you get them fast!