Stackable Analytics™ for Voice Networks

VoIP networks require proactive management to consistently provide a quality caller experience and maintain a secure network in a manner consistent with corporate financial goals. Old voice network methodologies no longer apply. Simply reacting to employee service complaints, waiting for periodic traffic studies, being blind to your capacity requirements and having to rely on telecom providers to tell you how much capacity you need doesn't work. Replace old network management options with new:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) linking executive oversight with operational demands of VoIP networks. Optic for Voice Networks™ provides Stackable Analytics™ to effectively layer the respective needs of “big picture” metrics for strategic management and performance tracking to highly focused analytics to isolate and identify operational anomalies. All levels of an enterprise organization gain a clear vision of their voice network opportunities and challenges.

  • Tools and strategies for monitoring network activity and performance in real-time. Optic™ empowers you to manage to optimum capacity levels, analyze the impact of coming changes and trap network conditions before they adversely impact performance.


Total Caller Experience®  

For voice networks, Optic offers analytics and alarms to better design and operate your network to increase the certainty that your callers can place and receive calls and have a quality experience. Every link in the call process is critical!

  • Transport
  • Setup
  • Conversation
  • Termination


Service Provider Capacity Optimization

Networks are dynamic. Calibrating network capacity with demand is an on-going challenge. Whether you are managing a TDM network, preparing for or in process of a transition to SIP, or managing a SIP or hybrid network, you need the right metrics and methodology to optimize your network. By overcoming the limitations and complications of the industry’s traditional engineering methodologies, Optic provides a simple, more reliable alternative to improve the service and cost performance of your voice network. 
  • Usage trend analysis
  • Minimize channel and bandwidth oversubscription
  • SIP migration planning (CCP and CAC determination)
  • Visibility for trunk planning and cost analysis to eliminate guesswork for design



Getting blindsided by any one of a number of potential network service problems is a real threat. From network design to service provider contract negotiation to operational management, constant challenges exist. You need the right metrics and methodology to optimize your network and operations for day-to-day voice administration. Optic puts the KPIs you need right at your fingertips 24 x 365. 

  • Security Control
    • Fraud and abuse visibility
    • From intrusion attempts
  • End-to-End Call Tracing
    • Call routing diagnosis
    • Malicious call investigation
  • Alarm Management
    • Proactively create and monitor notifications and alarms
    • Library of configurable alarms keeps users abreast and ahead of issues
  • Redeployment of Idle Station Equipment
    • Avoid capital expenditures
    • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Simplified Number Management
    • DID
    • Non-DID


Deploy AND LIcense as You Choose

First, pick the Optic package that aligns with your business requirements. 

  • Insights - Call detail reporting with call counts, trending, user-defined notifications and more
  • Forensics - Advanced call detail forensics including QoS analytics, call tracing, abnormal call setup and termination reports, extension activity, user-defined notifications and more
  • Full Stack - All the call detail forensics plus network utilization and performance, concurrent call path analytics, number management, KPIs, geospatial displays and more

Then, do you prefer to operate the solution on your site? Or, is the option to minimize your upfront investment more attractive? You choose the model that works best for your organization.

  • Hosted with Subscription Licensing (SaaS)
  • On Premise with:
    • Subscription Licensing, or 
    • Perpetual Licensing