Advanced Call Center Analytics for Unify OpenScape 4000

OnTraQ offers a unique approach to keeping your OpenScape 4000 (formerly called HiPath 4000) call centers on track – at a price point unmatched in today’s market.  OnTraQ gives you visibility and insight into the key metrics you need to keep your call centers running at a high level of performance. You view the information you need, when you need it, and then can make the timely adjustments to meet your performance objectives.

Are you getting ready to migrate to a new OpenScape 4000 and looking for a call center analytics package that fits into your budget?  Or, do you have OpenScape 4000 call centers that don’t require or can’t justify the price tag of other options but would benefit from quality call center analytics?  With lower deployment costs and a robust feature set, OnTraQ is the answer!  The combination of OnTraQ analytics with the skills based routing provided by Switch Only ACD provides an affordable world-class call center environment for any size call center. 

Analytics of Your Design
OnTraQ is highly customizable, both in terms of content included and the layout structure. OnTraQ’s flexible design is a one-size-fits-all approach because each user creates his or her own display. OnTraQ gives you a variety of ways to display information in graphic form. Better yet, the flexible licensing of OnTraQ lets you run it on as many workstations as you like, provided they have access to the OnTraQ server. All your managers and supervisors can benefit from OnTraQ.

 OnTraQ customizable dashboard

Customized Real Time Displays
Real-time status displays are available for Service Groups (route control groups), Agent Teams and Agents. All status displays include user-definable thresholds to alert when performance is outside expected ranges.

  • The Service Group Status includes metrics for Answer Performance, Queue Status and Agent Status. Any column or set of columns can be removed to increase focus on areas of particular interest. Various gauges are available for the data elements in the Service Group Status creating at-a-glance displays of key performance indices.
  • The Agent Team Status shows the state of each logged in agent and how long they have been in that state. Viewed from afar one sees a bar chart reflecting the relative quantity of agents in each state.
  • The Agent Activity Log shows the sequence, duration, start time and end time of the activities for a particular agent, with an agent’s current state listed on top. 
  • Life of Call displays a real-time chronology of call activity.  It shows you detailed information about each activity state the call progressed through, such as In Queue, Talking, On Hold, Transferred and more.

Customized Reports
You can choose to create and display reports for your Service Groups, Service Group Pools, Agents and Agent Teams. The Report Criteria selections allow you to craft the exact information you need – dates, time periods, report detail, service groups, ANI/DNIS, data groups, chart style and more. You can customize performance report templates to create scorecards tailored to the needs of each supervisor and manager.

When you want to plan for your center as a whole or for individual groups, you can create reports that track the statistics that are important to you, and only those statistics. The variety of reports you can create with OnTraQ’s Report Viewer, the intuitive drag and drop report tool, is limited only by your imagination.

However, creating your reports is just the first step.  With OnTraQ, you have many report options.

  • Your report templates can be shared with other team members or used simply for personal needs.
  • You can export the report data in various formats – Excel, OnTraQ’s report format, PDF or XML paper format.
  • You can print your reports.
  • You can schedule reports to be automatically e-mailed to your coworkers and/or printed.

Consolidate Multiple Call Centers
OnTraQ provides consolidated reports for multiple call centers. If you’re part of a multi-center environment, don’t mash together data by hand from various sources to get a clear picture of overall performance. Let OnTraQ bring together into a single view the performance data you want from across call centers.

User-Definable Alarms
You define the alarm states for your call center as a whole, for specific Service Groups and Agent Teams, and individual agents. Certain levels of performance can be defined for experienced agents, while lower targets can be set for newer agents. This granularity gives you the control you need to streamline the monitoring of your center’s activities.

IVR Visibility
OnTraQ eliminates the risk of limited IVR availability because it allows you to see the real time status of IVR ports, including how many are available and how many have been taken out of service.  OnTraQ can provide alarms when the number of available IVR ports drop below desired thresholds. You can also see Life of Call detail for IVR traffic.

Business Continuity
If you have previously deployed another call center solution, you made a large investment to ensure that you provide the highest level of customer service, but what if your primary solution fails? You need a business continuity plan.  OnTraQ is your insurance policy when ProCenter, Genesys, the CAP Server or the CAP Link to the OpenScape 4000 fail. With OnTraQ you will know the calls in queue at the time of failure and be able to manage incoming calls using the basic OpenScape 4000 ACD call routing (a.k.a. Switch Only ACD). OnTraQ is also the perfect solution for call centers on survivable IPDAs.

Keep your call centers on track and in budget with OnTraQ!

"Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." 

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