Solutions for Safety, Security & Business Operations

Today’s institutions are relying on DAKS as the foundation for practical applications to improve mission critical communications.  From hospitals responding to hurricanes or optimizing stroke team response times to colleges improving personal safety, DAKS is at the core. Partner with Impact Technologies for advanced communications solutions, such as those listed below, to align with your unique environment and business requirements.


Protect Your People & Assets 

 caution triangle sign Silent Alarm— With the  push of a button or press of a phone key, alert Security of a potential problem without bells and alarms sounding to make a situation more dangerous.
panic buttonPanic Button — Discretely open a “one way” conference channel with Security to allow them to hear what’s happening at a crisis location.
Severe Weather Alerts - Efficiently and effectively communicate key information and instructions to your staff in advance and during weather events.
 security shield graphicPersonal Security — Proactively monitor staff members and security personnel who work in potentially hazardous operating environments.
emergency alert graphicEmergency Alert — Protect the wellbeing of staff and visitors with timely delivery of pertinent and accurate instructions to evacuate or seek shelter in emergency situations.


Streamline Operations

tool graphicAutomated Dispatch — If a server room becomes too warm, an elevator fails or a system malfunction alarm arises, automatically notify a maintenance engineer without human intervention.
telephone graphicHotline Assistance — Quickly and efficiently connect a caller needing assistance with the appropriate resource, such as IT support, after hours customer service or on-call specialist.
Staff Mobilization — For various exercises and emergency situations, notify and mobilize key resources with broadcast alerts with the option of accepting or rejecting the call request.  When predetermined number of resources accept the request, suspend further call outs. 
Door Monitoring — Immediately alert security if a safeguarded door is opened or unlock a locked door with a push of a button or phone repdial key.
IoT Integration — Powered by Node-RED, monitor a wide array of distributed sensors, devices and systems to alert technicians, security personnel to developing and/or immediate failures and alarm scenarios. Leverage Internet and intranet infrastructures to extend your reach to remote locations as easily as on-campus monitoring points. Dispatch resources to head-off problems before they develop into critical issues.
Land Mobile Radio System Telephony Integration - The days of incompatible radios and phones are over. By integrating ClassOne® Radio Gateways and Operator Consoles with DAKS, your organization can extend notifications, communications and conferencing among disparate two-way, land mobile radio systems and your telephone network. 
Overhead Announcements — Play pre-recorded or ad hoc announcements for office messaging, services starting or ending updates such as visiting or lab hours, critical incident instructions and more.


Rapid Response for Healthcare

healthcare sign graphicStroke Team Alert — When a stroke patient is inbound to the hospital, minimize the response time to notify the appropriate staff and assemble a response team. 
clipboard graphicStaff Call Back — Replace a manual phone tree with automated call outs to fill staff vacancies, with escalations if quotas are not successfully met.
healthcare organization logoIncident Response — Leverage automated advanced communications to  mobilize resources, delegate responsibilities and meet regulatory compliance standards for critical incident response (e.g., Joint Commission, NIMS, HICS). 
nurse hat graphicCare Giver Mobility — Improve clinical staff availability and productivity with automated alerting and communication to mobile devices, including call outs and call backs through nurse call systems.
immunization graphicText-the-Teenager Immunization Reminder — Automated reminders for follow-up vaccination appointments in multi-dose protocols, e.g. HPV immunization programs.  Reminders sent via SMS text messaging or voice announcements to teens and/or siblings (in addition to parent) can significantly increase the numbers of those completing the sequence.
mobile healthcare graphicRemote Healthcare Worker “Man Down” — Proactively safeguard healthcare workers dispatched to homes and off-site locations.