Personal & Group Calling Services

DAKS Calling Services accelerate and improve the accessibility of key individuals and entire groups within your organization.  There are two enhanced calling strategies supported:

  • Personal Calls - Several devices are dialed in an attempt to contact one specific individual.
  • Group Calls - Many or all members of a group are dialed simultaneously in an attempt to contact a nonspecific member of a team.

Personal Calling Service
Within all organizations, key resources – executives, security directors, doctors – must be accessible at almost all times.  To facilitate, these resources have many contact numbers – desk phones, Wi-Fi phones, mobile phones, pagers, etc.  DAKS Personal Calling Services accelerates and simplifies the accessibility of persons by using intelligent dialing of various target numbers. These targets can be called either simultaneously or sequentially, with one or more target numbers dialed after the other.

With the DAKS Performance Package, delivery of the calls is controlled based on resources logging in/out of the application and/or by time of day and day of week.

For example, in the graphic below, the caller dials extension 1234 to reach Brett.  DAKS initially attempts to dial Brett’s office extension and cell phone.  If Brett is not reached after a defined time, DAKS is configured to continue to dial the original numbers and then also begin to call home number and personal cell phone.  As an alternative, DAKS could cease calling the phase 1 numbers and only dial out to the phase 2 numbers after a given time.  When Brett answers the call on one device, all other connections are released by DAKS.


Group Calling Service
The goal of DAKS Group Calling Services is to quickly and efficiently connect a caller needing assistance with the appropriate corporate resource.  Examples include:

  • After hours customer support
  • IT help desk
  • On-call maintenance engineers
  • Security personnel

DAKS Calling Services provides a two-phase contact mechanism to put the caller in touch with someone who can help resolve a problem:

  • Caller dials a single number for assistance
  • DAKS places parallel calls out to members of the support team.  In this first phase of dialing, the calls are made to the team members' primary office or mobile phone numbers.
  • The first team member to answer is directly connected to the caller.  Others who may answer during the last ring are given an informational message telling them that another team member has already responded.
  • If no team members are contacted in the first phase, the second phase of call out might be directed to a back-up team, additional phone numbers for the primary team, and/or to a tier 2 level support or company operator who could arrange for support personnel to contact the calling party.

With the Performance Package:

  • Support team members can control their availability by logging in/out
  • Calls can be directed to team members based on day of week and time of day (work shift)

Defining Calling Services
Up to 2,000 Call Profiles can be defined and administered.  Profiles define a variety of attributes that control how DAKS establishes contact with called parties.  Call Profile attributes include:

  • name and access number
  • up to 20 target numbers in each of the two dialing phases
  • up to 20 authorized callers in up to nine authorization levels
  • contact busy strategy
    • keep dialing the user
    • terminate the call and disconnect the caller
    • transfer to the second dialing phase
  • alarm mode (activate emergency call, call override, etc.)
  • high or normal priority
  • maximum number of simultaneous triggers
  • enable or disable optimization of connection paths following call connection
  • queue announcements before, between, and during the two dialing phases (can be activated separately for internal and external users) 


Reach people quickly and easily at one published telephone number.