Multi-Channel Dial-In Announcement Services

The DAKS Announcement Services application provides a high availability multi-channel dial-in announcement service capability to mitigate the requirement for attendants and operators to handle the calls.  It can be used to support stand-alone application scenarios or to extend the functionality of complex broadcast and alerting solutions.

DAKS can play up-to-date recorded or prepared announcements or live audio transmissions.  These calls can be routed automatically or transferred manually.  Typical scenarios for this application include:

  • up-to-date messages in the event of emergency scenarios
  • status updates on service outages – power, cable TV, Internet, etc.
  • call in to hear the last announcements sent by the Alert Notifications application
  • environmental and traffic information, e.g. smog, water levels, snow levels, congestion warnings etc.
  • notice of school closings and event cancellations
  • cinema or theater programs, sporting event schedules and results
  • announcements associated with call center operations
  • listen in on presentations, meetings, assemblies or other live events

DAKS can accept up to 500 calls simultaneously and play stored announcements or other audio sources.  The announcement or audio source to be played is selected using either the last digits of the called number or by DTMF digits dialed during the call after an informational announcement.  All callers hear the selected announcement from the beginning and without delay.

A distinct advantage of DAKS over other announcement devices is the dynamic and hence economical use of the call channels for playing up to 20 different audio sources simultaneously.  Highly efficient and effective announcement strategies are supported by a two-tier announcement definition and activation mechanism consisting of Activity packages and announcement Profiles.


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