Advanced E-mail Services

Via DAKS Mail-to-Phone application, you can use e-mail to send a message to an individual’s system telephone display or to activate a predefined DAKS Alert Notification.

e-Mail Text Messages to System Phones
To e-mail a message, the sender uses his regular SMTP mail client (e.g. MS Outlook) and sends a message to the Mail2Phone application with e-mail address, including emailphone extension of recipient (e.g. 1414@DAKS.  The recipient must have a system telephone with a display (for example, Unify OpenStage 60 or OpenStage WL3 Messenger) and be located within the corporate network.  The message may be up to 160 characters and will scroll on the phone’s two-line display (including sender identification).

Activate DAKS Alert Notifications via e-Mail
You may also use e-mail to launch a predefined DAKS Alert Notification. Via an SMTP mail client, a user may send a message to DAKS with e-mail address, including the broadcast ID of the alert to be initiated (e.g. G101@DAKS.  Upon receipt of e-mail, DAKS will launch the alert notification and utilize all the applicable performance features, such as sequential or parallel dialing, different ways in which a called subscriber must confirm, follow-up alert notifications, etc. 

As an alternative, any third-party system that can initiate an email could send an email to DAKS to initiate an Alert Notification.  In this case, the alert requires no human intervention.  This workflow is ideal for monitoring alarm thresholds and alerts from enterprise systems.  

Use standard e-mail services to send text messages to Unify system phones.