Application Modules to Tailor Your Solution

DAKS intelligently extends the use and value of your existing communications infrastructure via a wide range of complementary application modules that may be deployed individually or in combination. The platform offers common resource administration to support simple or comprehensive communication strategies. 

DAKS can automatically dial subscribers, deliver prerecorded live voice announcements as well as text messages, join people into teleconferences, answer situation inquiries and more. These capabilities enable a wide range of automated communication and collaboration tasks, including:

Broadcasts & Alert Notifications - Voice, text and e-mail messages with optional recipient confirmation capabilities. 

Emergency Response Teleconferences - Initiated by telephone, operator console, external inputs and/or host systems.

Routine Conferences Meet-Me, Preset & Progressive Conferences – Scheduled or ad hoc.

Announcement Services - Multi-channel, high availability dial-in service for delivering up-to-date status or information messages to callers.

Personal & Group Calling Services - One-number dialing for enhanced accessibility to mobile individuals and team/service group members.

Personal Security - Proactively monitor the safety of workers in hazardous environments. 

Notifier-Pro - Multi-platform messaging via a user friendly browser interface. 

Smartphone Access - Put the power of DAKS notifications at your fingertips with alarm response and initiation plus leverage customized extensions. 

DAKS Desktop Client - Initiate and receive alarms at your desktop.  

Advanced e-Mail Services - Levarage e-mail to send a message to an individual’s system telephone display or to activate a predefined DAKS Alert Notification

DAKS allows you to tailor a solution that aligns with your environment and business requirements. You select the application modules that you need. DAKS is the answer for your variety of advanced communications requirements!