Optic for Webex Calling

Optic for Voice Networks provides Stackable Analytics™ to effectively layer the respective needs of “big picture” metrics for strategic management and performance tracking to highly focused analytics to isolate and identify operational anomalies. All levels of an enterprise organization gain a clear vision of their calling activity and network performance.

  • Multi-Vendor Platform Support (see your Webex Calling activity in a single pane of glass with your UCM and/or other voice platforms)
  • Tabular & Chart Visualizations
  • Call Record Search
  • Call Record Usage Reports & Trending
  • Call Tracing with Call Segment Detail
  • Abnormal Call Setup & Termination Analytics
  • Top Caller & Most Frequently Called Numbers Reports
  • Corporate Organizational Data Import
  • Quality of Service Analytics
  • Extension Inactivity Report
  • Number Management for DID & Non-DID Ranges
  • User Defined Notifications
  • Network Utilization & Performance (Calls, Usage, etc.)
  • Trunk Group & Route Capacity Analytics (Including Peak Utilization)
  • Network Usage Trend Analysis
  • Concurrent Call Paths (CCP) by Trunking Facility
  • Geospatial Displays
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)



About Webex Calling by Cisco
Webex Calling is a cloud-based phone system, bringing cloud enterprise-grade calling features you expect in a seamless, integrated collaboration experience. You can bring your business number with you wherever you go, and pull active calls from desktop to mobile or to an intelligent Cisco desk phone or headset. Webex Calling can even connect to your existing on-premises equipment and enable calling through the Webex App, unifying experiences for all employees.

Optic Integration with Webex Calling by Cisco
Optic has a native and seamless integration to process Webex Calling CDR, quality metrics and configuration data, such as organization information. Optic also has automated connectivity to other voice platforms such as Cisco Unified Call Manager, Unify OpenScape Voice and more.


Deploy & License Optic for Webex Calling as You Choose
Pick the Optic package that aligns with your business requirements.

  • Insights - Call detail reporting with call counts, trending, user-defined notifications and more
  • Forensics - Advanced call detail forensics including QoS analytics, call tracing, abnormal call setup and termination reports, extension activity, user-defined notifications and more
  • Full Stack - All the call detail forensics plus network utilization and performance, concurrent call path analytics, number management, KPIs, geospatial displays and more

When it comes to deploying Optic, you choose the model that works best for your organization. Do you prefer to operate the solution on your site? Or, is the option to minimize your upfront investment with a hosted or on premise subscription model more attractive? You choose! 

  • Hosted with Subscription Licensing (SaaS)
  • On Premise with:
    • Subscription Licensing, or
    • Perpetual Licensing


Get Started Today
To use Optic for Webex Calling, all you need is an Optic license or subscription and a paid Webex account. Contact Impact Technologies at  and our team will help you get started. At high level, the process will be:

  • Call us to select and activate your Optic account. Pricing is based on the Optic deployment model, the Optic feature package and the number of “Webex Calling – Professional” licenses plus the number of “Webex Calling – Workspaces” licenses under subscription.  Impact Technologies support team will deploy Optic on your premise or activate your hosted account.
  • Impact will provide a link for you to log into your Webex account to enable API connectivity from Optic to Webex cloud.
  • Within your Optic Console, Impact will configure connectivity to the Webex cloud to download your CDR and configuration data periodically.
  • Login to Optic and clearly see your Webex calling activity and performance.