Advanced Call Center Analytics for Cisco

OnTraQ complements and leverages the Cisco UCCX/UCCE ACD Call Routing. OnTraQ is focused on delivering superior dashboards and reports so supervisors and managers have the best analytics to drive their call center’s performance at a fraction of the UCCX/UCCE management console cost. ACD Call Routing with OnTraQ can offer 50% or more savings versus traditional call center solutions.

But OnTraQ is not all about saving money.  It is all about increasing your corporate profits and performance.  The solution aligns perfectly with Impact’s motto of “making the complex simple.”  OnTraQ gives you visibility and insight into the key metrics you need to keep your call centers running at a high level of performance. You view the information you need, when you need it, and then can make the timely adjustments to meet your performance objectives.  Live views, dashboards and historical reporting are available within the same application and easily accessible with a few mouse clicks. 

Real-time Displays and Historical ReportingOnTraQ speedometer and histogram
Standard reports provide insight into the number of calls in queue, service levels, calls received, number of non-ACD calls, percent availability and much more.  Drill into the data by month, week, day, hour and quarter hour. And, customizing reports to meet your exact requirements is simple and quick with point-and-click report creation. However, creating your reports is just the first step.  With OnTraQ, you have many report options.
  • Your report templates can be shared with other team members or used simply for personal needs.
  • You can export the report data in various formats – Excel, OnTraQ’s report format, PDF or XML paper format.
  • You can print your reports.
  • You can schedule reports to be automatically e-mailed to your coworkers and/or printed.
Customizable Dashboard
OnTraQ is highly customizable, both in terms of content included and the layout structure. OnTraQ’s flexible design allows each user to create his or her own dashboard of reports and graphic displays.
Single Portal to Consolidate Multiple Call Centers
OnTraQ provides consolidated reports for multiple call centers. If you’re part of a multi-center environment, don’t mash together data by hand from various sources to get a clear picture of overall performance. Let OnTraQ bring together into a single view the performance data you want from across call centers.
Step-by-Step Life of Call
You can see the chronology of call activity as it happens. Follow each call state such as In Queue, Talking, On Hold, Transferred and more. A manager can see that a call has been put on hold four times and understand why the caller is upset and escalated the call. 
OnTraQ life of call screenshot
2nd Line Monitoring
Track calls made to and from ACD agents’ second phone lines. Track whether agents are taking advantage of using their second lines to keep their ACD lines free or if they are bombarded with unnecessary personal calls.
User-Defined Alarms
You define the alarm states for your call center as a whole, for specific Service Groups and Agent Teams, and individual agents. Certain levels of performance can be defined for experienced agents, while lower targets can be set for newer agents. This granularity gives you the control you need to streamline the monitoring of your center’s activities.
Simple Implementation
The system interrogates the switch to discover the queues, ACD groups and ACD Agent IDs. No painful, costly, manual configuration tasks!

Bottom line, OnTraQ offers affordable, world-class analytics for any size Cisco UCCX/UCCE inbound call center.  It is not the solution for your multichannel contact centers as OnTraQ does not include chat or e-mail.  So for your multichannel centers, spend the big buckets. But for the rest of your call centers, OnTraQ has the right answers, at the right price to keep your call centers on track.  It is that simple!