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Put Number Management Via Excel Spreadsheets Behind You

Oct 6, 2017 | Network Management

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The solution Impact customers love for total voice network visibility and deep call forensics now offers a user-friendly, centralized solution for managing your number ranges across your PBX platforms. 

We kept hearing our customers state that they were tired of trying to manage DID numbers in excel spreadsheets.  Or, they couldn’t believe the price tag for a number management system.  We listened!   

Traffic Analyst Call Forensics offers you a centralized solution for number inventory management. And, not just DID numbers, but you can also track non-DID numbers.  And the best part, there is no additional charge!  It’s part of the core solution.  Easily track and report number status, such as In Use, On Hold, Reserved, Available and Aging.  Leverage number management preset reports, place numbers on hold for user-defined number of days, quickly determine the “next available number” to assign and much more.  Put an end to your number management headaches and contact us today to learn more about Traffic Analyst Number Management.

Click to learn more about why we believe you shouldn’t settle for just a call accounting solution but why you need Traffic Analyst Call Forensics for many other business drivers than just number management.

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