VoIP Scorecard

Savings from leveraging your WAN to avoid PSTN toll charges is a key component of any VoIP network investment strategy. Assuring those savings are realized and being able to quantify those savings are not passing requests from senior management. They are demands. Are you ready?


intercore WAN internal cost savings graph

Traffic Analyst lets you see your realized savings.  How?  First, charts and reports clearly show the number of calls and associated savings for calls that are now traversing your WAN for site-to-site traffic instead of incurring long distance and international charges (metered or flat fee).  Second, view “tail end hop off” (TEHO) calls and savings.  See the volume of traffic that instead of incurring long distance and international  charges on the PSTN are now being routed over your WAN  and “hopping” off at a remote gateway and being rated as local calls.   


Traffic Analyst doesn’t stop there.  See reports on existing PSTN traffic that could be routed over your WAN and drill into the specific CDRs to determine what call routing schemes may be modified or which employees are using incorrect dialing methods.  For example, the chart below shows the economic value of calls by destination country by week that went over the PSTN but that could have gone over the WAN, both internal and TEHO.  

unrealized WAN savings graph

You may then click on a column to drill down to view the originating locations for the calls as shown on the next chart.  Note the high value of calls originating in the Village location destined for Mexico, where  connected gateways may exist that could carry this traffic.  Clicking on the column drills into the specific call records.

 unrealized WAN savings graph

the happy cfo

The combination of quantifying your actual savings and uncovering unrealized savings maximizes the leverage you will obtain from your VoIP network and, thereby, maximizes your ROI.  Let Traffic Analyst be your VoIP scorecard with a dashboard that clearly shows you the actual and potential savings in your network.  A win for you...and your CFO!

traffic analyst customizable dashboard screenshot