Traffic Analyst Network FAQs

  Can Traffic Analyst manage more than one switch at a time?
A.  Traffic Analyst can be licensed to manage multiple PBXs all from a single PC. One Traffic Analyst server can be configured to contact multiple disparate voice communications switches, including any combination of Cisco, Unify, Nortel and/or Avaya platforms. 

Q.  What methods can Traffic Analyst use to communicate with my PBX?
A.  There are several ways in which Traffic Analyst can connect to a PBX depending on your switch make and type. 

For Avaya switches:
  • File via ASA
For Cisco Unified Communications Manager:
  • FTP Server
  • SFTP Server
For Nortel switches:
  • SSH
  • Modem
  • Direct Connect via RS-232 cable
  • Buffer Box (Pollcat Netlink & Pollcat Netlink Jr., Sentinel)
  • Terminal Server via TCP/IP (Lantronix UDS-10)
For Unify OpenScape Voice platform:
  • Secure FTP
  • FTP Server
For Unify HiPath 4000 / OpenScape 4000 switches: 
  • TCP/IP Telnet or SSH and FTP  (V1-V5)
  • SSH and SFTP (V6 - V7)
For Unify HiPath 3000 switches: 
  • RSM5000 via FTP
  • TCP/IP
For Siemens 9005 & 9006 (Hicom 300) switches:
  • Modem
  • Direct Connect via RS-232 cable
  • TCP/IP (9006.6 only)
  • FTP-enable Buffer Box (for CDR collection only) 

Q.   If I need a custom report, how long will it take Impact to create it?
A.   You don’t have to depend on Impact to create reports!  Traffic Analyst offers the flexibility for you to design and create unlimited custom reports – both tabular and graphical.  You can use a single screen and simply point and click to create the report you need.  Select the date range, detail level, network entity types, columns, filters and groupings you want.  View the report online, on demand or schedule the new report to be sent to your email.  

Q.   Can Traffic Analyst run in a virtualized environment?
A.   Absolutely!

Q.  Does Traffic Analyst support my VoIP compression model?
A.   Traffic Analyst supports over 20 different compression models including G.711, G.722, G.723, G.729, G.729B and more.