Telecommunications: Call Forensics

call forensics montage 

Today’s call accounting packages focus on expense management and fraud detection.  Important, yes, but you need deep call forensics. You require QoS from the caller perspective, not just the networks. Beyond QoS, you need to see when and why calls drop abnormally. And, you need visibility to determine the actual return on investment of your VoIP deployment by monetizing your savings from transporting calls over the internal network. Go beyond a list of predefined reports and start leveraging a system that offers a complete view:

  • Trace Trouble Calls – You need pinpoint accuracy in tracing calls throughout your network, as they traverse through multiple switches or are transferred inside a single switch. Is there an efficient process to trace nuisance calls back to the caller or called party? Can you determine who keeps calling in false 911s?  Or which fax server is continuing to dial out to your customer during the middle of the night? 
  • Pinpoint Quality Problems – Can you diagnosis abnormal call failures? Do you know which phones, gateways and locations experience the most quality issues?

  • Stop Fraud & Abuse – Can you detect fraudulent activity?  You need extensive search capabilities to drill down into the data to find the information you need – whether it is fraud, abuse, long duration calls and more.  Is the night shift staff placing long distance calls on your network?  Are your employees placing personal international calls?  You can stay abreast of issues and know about problems and abnormalities within minutes – don’t wait for a next day report! 
  • Control Cost – Do you know which callers are costing you most?  What types of calls are most expensive? Can you drive costs back to the source?
  • Validate Call Routing – Are calls actually routed as the network is designed? Are calls getting lost? Do you know the quantity of calls routing through your IVRs?
  • Harvest, Track & Uncover VoIP Savings  – Do you have visibility into the savings captured by your VoIP deployment?  Can you show how calls are routing over your network and uncover unrealized savings? 
  • Understand Usage Drivers – Do you have the visibility that you want and need?  Do you know who the high volume callers are in your network? Can you see which locations have the highest call volumes? 
  • Service Provider Verification – Do you have a ready means to determine if you are getting charged for the calls your company actually placed? Are the charged rates correct?

Solutions with Impact turn your data into valuable, actionable information.  


Don't settle for call accounting! Get visibility into call quality beyond QoS, as well as your monetized savings from transporting calls over the internal network.