telecommunications graphic 

Business communication is an evolving collage of all types of media. For most companies, at the heart of it all remains the ability to communicate on a real-time basis via voice.  Whether with customers, between employees, or with partners, voice is used as a ubiquitous, personal means of communication for closing a sale, keeping a project on target, collaborating on a new endeavor, monitoring operations or soothing an upset customer. High performance companies require high performance voice communications, and managing voice communications to a high level is a multi-faceted challenge.

Solutions with Impact help you overcome these challenges:

Call Forensics - Spotlight improper, fraudulent or careless use of the network and understand usage drivers. And go beyond call accounting to complete visibility into call quality analytics, call tracing and VoIP economics.
Network Management & Design - Design and optimize your TDM and/or SIP network with full life cycle calibration, call route intelligence, “what if” modeling and look ahead alarms to assure you address service problems before they impact your business.


Hone your voice communications to corporate strategies and keep them that way.