security agentIn the event someone makes a verbal or physical threat to your employees who interact with the public, a silent alarm provides a mechanism to alert security of a potential problem — without bells and alarms sounding to make a situation more dangerous. The employee can press a speed dial key on their telephone and with no audible dial tone or ring tone, security personnel are alerted of the problem and location.  The destination of the alerts can be controlled based on security agents’ availability and/or by work shift schedule.

If the security desk phone is busy on another call, the security agent can be given an intrusion message and directed to accept the new call.  If the agent doesn't answer, the call is directed to another phone or an escalation notification can be sent to a supervisor.

The silent alarm may be initiated via:

  • distress button modules hardwired via electrical contacts
  • "virtual" silent alarm buttons realized by speed dial keys on fixed system phones
  • interfaces (APIs) to physical security management systems controlling silent alarm modules 

Turn your telephone into a silent alarm.