hurricane graphicEvacuation alerts are required for a variety of reasons – fire, weather, hazardous material spills and more.  Intelligent, timely, certain delivery of a message with accurate instructions is key to protecting the well-being of staff and visitors to the area. The risk of human error is minimized as evacuation alerts are pre-configured so they can be launched by the touch of a button or the dialing of a phone number. Evacuation alerts can include optional or required responses from the targeted parties. Evacuation alerts leverage the campus communication infrastructure, minimizing the risk of time delays as others in the affected area overwhelm the public network.

Evacuation alerts can be triggered by/from:

  • dial-in from any telephone with PIN authentication
  • computer console with the option to design a display with customized campus map
  • hardwired connection from alarm panels 
  • interface to an alarm management and control system


Provide timely instructions to protect your staff.