199 fire rescueEmergency telephones deployed throughout a campus are used when someone feels they are in danger or to report an emergency. 

Off Hook Conference
Phones are configured to ring down to initiate a conference between the caller and a local security office agent. The security agent sees the location/ID of the emergency phone on his system telephone display and hears a short recorded announcement.  The local security agent can extend the conference to 911 municipal services and/or additional local responders without putting the caller on hold or injecting tones.  Additionally, the conference can be configured to automatically call out to patrol officers carrying mobile phones.  If the local security office is unavailable, the call could be routed directly to 911 municipal services. 

Off Hook Alert
In continuing care facilities or retirement homes, a concern is patients or residents who fall or are unable to alert someone they need assistance.  By simply knocking the phone off hook, the resident can send notification to the on-duty staff they need help.  The resident's phone number and PBX display name are shown on the system telephone text displays. Delivery of the alerts can be controlled based on security agents and care staff logging in and/or by work shift schedule.


Quickly and effectively respond to emergency calls placed within your enterprise.