The severity, location, magnitude and visibility of each safety or security incident are unique.  An organization’s planning and preparedness determines its ability to respond, directly affecting the impact such an incident will have.  To contain the incident and ultimately return the organization to normal operating state requires a communication infrastructure that is adaptable and ready to work in an ad hoc fashion. 

 security graphic 

Communications is the single most important component in how an organization responds to a crisis.  Real time collaboration among incident response personnel is a critical first step to an intelligent and swift response.  Whether small or large, the unique aspects of each crisis require a unique response. 

Solutions with Impact meet the unique communication and collaboration needs of healthcare providers, educational institutions, utilities, government organizations and others, assuring that you are prepared to respond to safety and security threats.

Silent Alarm – With no audible sound, alert security of a problem.
Emergency Telephones – Provide campus-wide protection for individuals in danger.
Panic Button – Conference in security and allow them to hear what is happening at a crisis location.
Evacuation Alert – Provide instructions to protect your staff and visitors in a specified area.
Hazardous Worker Monitor – Proactively monitor the safety of workers in potentially dangerous work environments.
Incident Response – Provide a coordinated response to crisis and emergency situations.


When seconds count, you need an intelligent, adaptive, rapid response.