Healthcare team collaboration graphicReplace or augment overhead or radio paging systems for code announcements.  Code announcements can be initiated from a variety of sources, including speed dial buttons on telephones, computer console or nurse call system.

Code announcements may deliver voice and/or text notifications to mobile telephones, attendant desk and/or nursing stations.  Code announcements may include predefined messages or augmented with additional, ad hoc information. Simultaneous activation of conferences among code team members allows on-the-run collaboration and coordination of response activities.

Code announcement may:

  • interrupt active calls on busy phones
  • ring to phones even if they've been set to Do-Not-Disturb or forwarded to voicemail
  • be differentiated by an urgent ring tone
  • be played to speaker phones without requiring anyone answer the phone


Deliver code announcements to mobile telephones, attendant desk and nursing stations.