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Healthcare organizations are challenged every day to provide high quality care.  Delivering high quality health care is a multi-faceted goal encompassing factors such as:

  • effectively communicating with internal staff and outside agencies
  • maintaining adequate staffing levels
  • managing an array of equipment, facilities and systems 
  • providing safe and secure working environments

On top of standard daily operations, healthcare provider organizations are mandated to have disaster preparedness plans in place to respond rapidly in crisis situations.  Natural disasters and other mass casualty incidents present sudden demands on services.  Proper preparation and planning will determine the success of your response.

Solutions with Impact streamline day-to-day operations while insuring you are prepared to respond to crisis situations. Whether it’s something as routine as automating nurse call alerts to mobile staff, or something as dramatic as responding to an influx of patients due to a mass casualty event, we provide the vital communications link that ensures your organization responds quickly and correctly.

Code Announcements  –  Deliver code announcements to mobile telephones, attendant desk and/or nursing stations.  
Incident Management Leverage communications resources to comply with regulatory standards and prepare for the unexpected.
Communications Enabled WorkflowsStreamline operations by replacing manual processes with automated processes.


Improve clinical staff availability and productivity with automated alerting and communication.