call center agent graphic

If a customer calls your business, make sure that call is answered. It doesn’t get much more basic than this. 

Lost calls represent lost revenue opportunities, and calls that spend too long in queue represent unhappy customers. But, what is simple to understand isn’t always easy to manage. How do you know your service targets are being met? How do you know if your agents are too busy or idle? How do you know if your customers are getting timely responses to their inquiries or abandoning calls?

And how do you know all of this today, right now, so you can take positive steps to address developing situations, instead of waiting hours or even days after the damage has been done?

  • Real-Time Vision for Timely Action – If the number of calls in queue is rising above acceptable levels and you see 15 agents are in “Not Ready” state, you can quickly run to the break room and ask the agents to log in.  Eliminate the risk of limited IVR availability with real time status of IVR ports, including how many ports are available and how many have been taken out of service.
  • Historical Insight for Strategic Planning – Increase your visibility of call and workload, allowing improved resource planning and utilization.
  • Flexible Content & Layout Structure – Build information displays specific to your needs, permitting you to keep an eye on key performance indicators while multi-tasking on other work.
  • Customizable Reporting – Create your own reports, including consolidated multi-center reports, and then share your report templates with other call center staff.
  • Enhance Business Continuity – If your server-based call routing system fails, do you have a plan to know the calls in queue at the time of failure and manage incoming calls using basic ACD call routing for however long the outage lasts?

Solutions with Impact give you visibility and insight into the key metrics you need to keep your call centers running at a high level of performance. You view the information you need, when you need it and then can make the timely adjustments to meet your performance objectives.

Contact center analytics that drive timely, targeted actions and results.