Stop being frustrated by today’s call accounting packages that provide a list of reports focused only on expense management and fraud detection.  Traffic Analyst Call Forensics starts by elevating traditional call accounting capabilities but then goes deeper, much deeper giving you definitive answers to even your most challenging questions easily.  

Traffic Analyst dramatically improves upon call accounting conventional functions.

  • Expanded Call Types - Traffic Analyst includes all internal, inbound, network and outgoing calls. And, you can define custom call classifications such as IntraLATA, IntraState or mobile.   
  • Advanced Call Cost Rating – In addition to standard per call or per time interval rating by call type or destination, Traffic Analyst supports rates by trunk group or gateway.  
  • Comprehensive Reporting – For a single switch or a network of multiple platforms from various manufacturers, Traffic Analyst supports tracking and analyzing costs by organizational hierarchy, physical locations (building, floor, room) and wiring information (such as MDF, jack or phone type).
  • Fraud & Abuse Control – Stay abreast of issues and know about problems within minutes.  Define alarms for calls based on duration, cost, originating number or terminating number to trap suspicious call activity.  Alerts are posted on the dashboard and/or sent to your e-mail. 

Then go beyond who called who and how much it costs.  Traffic Analyst offers visibility into call quality, abnormal call terminations, call tracing and monetizing savings from transporting calls over the internal network.

Managing call quality in a VoIP network is a challenge. Reliable, insightful, timely analytics are required to maintain high levels of call quality.  Traffic Analyst is the answer as you deploy and manage your VoIP network! Without requiring any specialized hardware, Traffic Analyst can pinpoint via reports, graphs and alarms specific devices experiencing not only QoS problems but dropped calls as well.

QoS Visibility
With Traffic Analyst you choose the visibility you want – by IP address, extension, SIP gateway, PSTN gateway or facility. You select the metrics that are important to you, including:

  • MOS
  • R-Factor
  • % Packet Loss
  • Latency
  • Jitter

For instance, the chart illustrates the number of calls with R-Factor less than or equal to 94.0 by building. Click a building bar and drill into the detail by room number.

Dropped Calls Analytics
Beyond QoS analytics and alarms, Traffic Analyst provides insight into why calls are dropping. Abnormal call termination trending analytics quickly spot any abnormalities that you might want to investigate, starting with the integrated SIP response code correlation.

Traffic Analyst includes a user-friendly, centralized solution for managing your DID and non-DID number ranges across your enterprise.  Quickly define your ranges, including your customized aging metrics plus designated reserved numbers. Once the ranges are defined, reports provide insight into the state of the numbers and supports operations such as holding numbers and indicating the next available number in a range. 

Savings from leveraging your WAN to avoid PSTN toll charges is a key component of any VoIP network investment strategy. Assuring those savings are realized and being able to quantify those savings are not passing requests from senior management. They are demands. Are you ready?

Quantify Realized Savings
Traffic Analyst lets you see your realized savings. How? First, charts and reports clearly show the number of calls and associated savings for calls that are now traversing your WAN for site-to-site traffic instead of incurring long distance and international charges (metered or flat fee). Second, view “tail end Traffic Analyst WAN internal cost saving charthop off” (TEHO) calls and savings. See the volume of traffic that instead of incurring long distance and international charges on the PSTN are now being routed over your WAN and “hopping” off at a remote gateway and being rated as local calls.

Find Unrealized Savings
Traffic Analyst doesn’t stop there. See reports on existing PSTN traffic that could be routed over your WAN and drill into the specific call records to determine what call routing schemes may be modified or which employees are using incorrect dialing methods.
The Happy CFO
The combination of quantifying your actual savings and uncovering unrealized savings maximizes the leverage you will obtain from your VoIP network and, thereby, maximizes your ROI. Let Traffic Analyst be your VoIP scorecard with a dashboard that clearly shows you the actual and potential savings in your network. A win for you...and your CFO!

Traffic Analyst gives you pinpoint accuracy in tracing calls throughout your network. You no longer need to run multiple reports for each switch in your network in an attempt to see how the calls flow through your network. Traffic Analyst lets you select one or many switches for any report and trace callsdeep call forensics as they traverse through multiple switches and are transferred inside a switch.

The flexibility of the interface, in addition to the comprehensive list of reporting fields not available in other solutions, provide extensive search capabilities to drill down into the data to find the information you need – whether it is fraud, malicious calls, call routing problems or a number of other situations.   


Traffic Analyst lets you create and view reports to get the answers you need, when you need them, from wherever you are. Use pre-defined templates, or create custom reports and save the templates for future use – by you or by anyone on your team.  Reports are available on-demand and can also be scheduled and automatically e-mailed on a one time or recurring interval.

Traffic Analyst customizable dashboard

Traffic Analyst gathers and stores the following information for each call record:

  • Date & time   
  • Duration   
  • Account code   
  • Called number
  • Originating number
  • Transfer number
  • Destination number, country & city/region
  • Call type
  • Cost
  • Switch
  • Trunk group & trunk number
  • Gateway
  • Route number
  • QoS metrics
  • Clearing cause & SIP response code
  • PIN
  • Wiring information
  • and more.

Slice & Dice
With all your call analysis information at your fingertips, the next step is quickly digging into the details, particularly if you see an anomaly.   And, you can select your drill down logic. Start with monthly data and drill down to daily, hourly and quarterly hour slices with a simple click of the mouse. Or, maybecustomizable reporting groups in explorer tree you prefer to drill down by organization, manager, subscriber and extension or pin.  For each chart or table, you decide. 

Customized Reporting Groups
With Traffic Analyst, you can create “virtual” Shared or Personal groups at any time so your reports only include the detail you want. You simply create a new group on the explorer tree and drag any item into the group. Choose any combination of switches, subscribers, departments, cost centers, locations and more.

Alarm Management
When collecting data, Traffic Analyst first scans it for abnormalities and reports those via alarms allowing you to manage by exception.  Define alarms for calls based on duration, originating number, terminating number, clearing cause and QoS metrics. The dashboard provides a snapshot of alarm conditions in your network and allows you to quickly drill into problems.  You decide how you want to view alarms – by priority, by switch, by type. But, we don’t stop there.  You also have alarm management at your fingertips.  You may clear alarms that have been addressed, including entering a comment.

Automated Refresh
Traffic Analyst gives you the latest information available so you don't have to wait for a report the next day.  When data is collected from the switch, your data tables and displays automatically refresh. Or, you can choose to update displays on demand.  You can see the latest trends and new alarms within 15 minutes.

Switch Platform Agnostic
Traffic Analyst is a single portal across mixed networks comprised of multiple switch manufacturers. A single query generates a single report and associated charts encompassing data for multiple switches and manufacturers. Traffic Analyst is available for a variety of platforms, including:   

  • Avaya Aura
  • Avaya Definity G3
  • Avaya S8700
  • Avaya S8800
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Nortel CS1000
  • Nortel Meridian SL1
  • Siemens Hicom 300
  • Unify HiPath 4000 / OpenScape 4000
  • Unify HiPath 3000
  • Unify OpenScape Voice
  • Ascom

Traffic Analyst Call Forenesics is available as a premise-based or hosted solution.  Choose the deployment model that fits your business requirements and budget.  In either implementation, enjoy 24 x 365 visibility to your usage, unlimited reports, user-defined alarms and scheduled reports. 

  • Hosted - Is the option to minimize your upfront investment and on-going maintenance more attractive? In the hosted model, Impact maintains all the hardware at our location and assures that you are always benefiting from the latest software enhancements.  We will communicate with your switch(es) on a daily basis to collect the raw data. Your employees simply use their web browsers to access the reports they want and define their alarms.
  • Premise-Based - Do you prefer to own and operate the solution on your site?  Purchase a license and Impact’s Technical Support team will ensure a smooth, effective onsite or remote installation process so your employees can enjoy the same great reports and alarms from behind your firewall. Or, leverage a subscription model.