PhoneGuide LIVE! FAQs

Q.  What switches are supported in PhoneGuide LIVE!?
A.   The Unify HiPath 4000 and OpenScape Voice switches are all supported by PhoneGuide LIVE!.

Q.  Can a single PhoneGuide LIVE! installation support more than one switch?
A.  Yes, one centralized installation of PhoneGuide LIVE! will support any combination of Unify HiPath 4000 and OpenScape Voice switches.

Q.  Can PhoneGuide LIVE! be set to import from the switch automatically?
A.  Yes, you can set up a schedule for imports for the HiPath 4000 platform.  For the OpenScape Voice platform, the phone is "refreshed" every time the user logs in.

Q.  Can PhoneGuide LIVE! run across our WAN?
A.  Yes.

Q.  Will users see their own phones replicated in PhoneGuide LIVE!?
A.  Yes.  For the HiPath 4000, all the button assignments for each extension are imported from the switch and displayed in PhoneGuide LIVE!.  For OpenScape Voice users, PhoneGuide LIVE! retrieves the phone information directly from the SIP phones as users access PhoneGuide LIVE!.  

Q.  What do users need to install so they can use PhoneGuide LIVE!?
A. Users need a way of connecting to the PhoneGuide LIVE! server with their Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher browser, Adobe Flash installed on their PCs, and a soundcard as well as speakers or headphones.

Q.  My employees don’t have speakers with many of their PCs.  Does PhoneGuide LIVE! still work for them?
A.  The overviews and feature instruction are available in text. Users can still access feature instruction through a graphical image of their phone and thereby still receive customized training specific to their particular phone.  Optionally, you may want to set up a PC with speakers in the various work groups so that people can view the overview videos at their convenience.

Q.  Can I buy PhoneGuide LIVE! for a switch that is already installed?
A.  Absolutely.  One of PhoneGuide LIVE!'s key benefits is the quality training it delivers for the lifetime of a switch.  Many customers purchase PhoneGuide LIVE! for the benefits it offers for a new switch cutover, but customers also purchase PhoneGuide LIVE! later to use for new employee training and refresher training.

Q.  My OpenStage 15 phone is not self-labeling. Is there anything PhoneGuide LIVE! can do to help me with that?
A.  Yes. When your phone is imported into PhoneGuide LIVE! it keeps track of your programmed key labels. For the OpenStage 15 phone, a PDF with a correctly sized faceplate template can be automatically generated with these key labels. All you have to do is print the PDF, cut out the faceplate and place it on your phone.  The same faceplate option is available for the OpenStage 30 phone for the HiPath 4000 environment.

“Trying to schedule classroom time for busy health care staff who work 24/7 is very difficult.  Having PhoneGuide LIVE! on our employee intranet is such a great solution to the training challenge.”
     - Jan Rowe
        Santa Barbara
        Cottage Hospital