As Impact celebrated 25 years in business on August 20, 2015,  Impact's President Bryan Baehr reflected back:

Impact 25 years graphic"It’s ALL about IMPACT! Bob Wacker and I focused on delivering well-considered and well-built technology-based solutions that have a significant positive impact on our customers. While we sought to impact others, we have been blessed every step of our 25 year journey by the impact that others have had on us.  That's why we created this page.  We want to honor the hundreds of people that have touched us and contributed to our success. The pictures below are just the starting point. 

Do you see your smiling face?  If not, we want to include you now! And if don’t see someone that should be included please let us know. And heck, if you don’t like the picture we have for you, send us another. We love the personal, “non”corporate shots. Please send pictures to .

Don't worry about formatting.  We will figure that out!  We just want to keep filling in our story."


 Impact Anniversary partners collage