With today’s tough economic times, organizations do not have the budget, resources or time to provide instructor-led training.  However, when you make the investment in a new phone system and voicemail platform, you want your employees to leverage the investment. Eliminate the hassle and costs of scheduling instructor-led training and put quality instruction at your employees’ fingertips.

  • Save Money – When used in place of classroom training, web-based training not only reduces costs at cutover, but also keeps providing training and value throughout the life of the phone and voicemail system. You have a means of providing quality training for new employees that arrive long after cutover.
  • Save Time– Let your employees train when their schedules permit. No more setting up training classes. No more juggling training schedules during cutover. Your employee is able to view and review online tutorials as often as needed and at their convenience. Both the telecom manager and the user are able to manage their time efficiently.
  • Engaging Multimedia– Don’t force your employees to read training manuals.  Deliver multimedia training to their desktop. Users can watch and listen to video clips or choose to read supporting online text instead – or, they can do both!
  • Quality, Customized Training– Many times online training is high level and too generic to provide real value.  Provide your users simple point and click access to the instruction they need most. Don’t waste their time learning information of little value.

Solutions with Impact assure training time is productive, and the loss of training knowledge is minimized, if not eliminated. 

Simple, effective training without the hassle of hiring trainers, arranging facilities and scheduling classes.