doctor on mobile phoneEnhancing workflow and improving staff productivity is a key goal for healthcare providers. The first step is providing a supplemental means of communicating patient assist requests to mobile nursing staff.  When an alert is raised through the nurse call system (e.g. from a bedside call button, shower cord, code button/panel, etc.), information about the call triggers an alert broadcast application that:

  • places a call to appropriate mobile phone(s) showing the source and type of call on the text display of the phone
  • plays audible guidance messages asking the nurse to either accept or decline the call
  • offers the option to talk to the patient through the embedded nurse call intercom or the telephone in the patient room

If the phone is busy on another call, nurses can be given an intrusion message and directed to accept the new call.  Alternatively, if the called nurse is busy, doesn't answer or declines the call, it is directed to another nurse(s).  If no nurse accepts the call, an escalation notification can be sent to a supervisor or central nurse station.

 Improve clinical staff availability and productivity with automated alerting and communication.