Multimedia Training Solution

PhoneGuide Live conference video screenshotPhoneGuide LIVE! is a simple, effective web-based solution for training employees on how to use their phones and voicemail boxes.  From simplifying a new switch cutover process to providing a cost-effective option for refresher or new employee training, PhoneGuide LIVE! is the answer.  It eliminates the hassle and costs of scheduling instructor-led training and puts quality instruction at your employees’ fingertips.

  • Getting Started videos to introduce users to basic phone operation and features
  • Feature tutorials including step-by-step instructions
  • Customized training based on user’s OpenStage, optiPoint or optiset phone
  • Detailed instructions for setting up and using Xpressions voicemail
  • Helpful online documents including Quick Reference Guides, User Guides, Feature Step-by-Step Instructions and Decision Tree documentation

Training on Demand
PhoneGuide LIVE! lets users be trained when their schedules permit. No more setting up training classes. No more juggling training schedules during cutover. The user is able to view and review the Getting Started Lessons and feature demonstrations as often as needed and at their convenience.

Multimedia Experience
Don’t force your employees to read training manuals.  Users can watch and listen to video clips or choose to read the supporting online text instead – or, they can do both! You select the medium that works best for you at the moment. 

PhoneGuide Live My Phone screenshot

Customized Feature Instruction
Through the “My Phone” page, users have simple point and click access to the features they use most. Time spent learning features of little value is avoided. Their training time is productive, and the loss of training knowledge is minimized, if not eliminated. 

Voicemail Instruction

Videos explain how to set up the voicemail system for first time use, including step-by-step instructions for recording greetings. Voicemail feature instructions are a click away for initial training, or as needed in the future.

Installation is a Snap!
Simply install PhoneGuide LIVE! on a web server, distribute the URL address to the users and let the training begin.  No desktop client installation required!

Supported Telephony Systems
Voice Communication Servers
  • OpenScape Voice
  • HiPath 4000
  • OpenStage
  • optiPoint
  • optiset
Messaging Systems
  • Xpressions 4.0
  • Xpressions 5.0
  • Xpressions 6.0
  • Xpressions 7.0


“Trying to schedule classroom time for busy health care staff who work 24/7 is very difficult.  Having PhoneGuide LIVE! on our employee intranet is such a great solution to the training challenge.”
     - Jan Rowe
        Santa Barbara
        Cottage Hospital