Critical Resource & Asset Tracking

Monitoring assets to prevent inventory loss.  Improving efficiency by quickly locating an asset.  Locating a person in need of assistance.  These are only a few of the drivers for critical resource and asset tracking offered by DAKS Positioning Service (DPS).  DPS solutions support:

  • locating people wearing Wi-Fi medallions
  • locating staff carrying Wi-Fi phones (e.g. Unify WL2 or Ascom i75)
  • locating mobile assets with Wi-Fi tags (e.g. such as medical equipment)
  • alerting service technicians in the vicinity of a problem

DAKS DPS-Basic Location Tool reports the location of a person carrying a HiPath WL2 phone or an asset with a Wi-Fi tag.  The location is based on proximity to HiPath Wireless Access Points – Areas of Interest. For instance, a dispatcher could dial a phone number to access DAKS, be prompted to enter the phone number of the person he is trying to reach and hear a response such as "The person you are attempting to locate is in the west lobby."

When an Alert Notification or Emergency Conference is initiated by a WL2 phone, DAKS determines the location of the wireless phone initiating the broadcast or conference, and:

  • location of initiator is displayed on phone text displays of notification recipients and conference members
  • alert notification announcements and conference introduction announcements are augmented with initiator location

Sample message is: “The strongest received base stations are: Base station on 1st floor, window front east, received with a very strong signal, Base station on 1st floor, in front of LAN distribution box, received with a medium signal.”   If a nurse is attacked or an elderly person falls, the alerted staff can be quickly dispatched to the proper location.


DAKS DPS-View provides a graphic browser-based rendition of the positioning results with three level drill-down customized maps and/or floor plans.  This allows a centralized security staff or caregiver staff to quickly see the location of requested resources and assets.