Advanced E-mail Services

Via DAKS Mail2Phone application, you can use e-mail to send a message to an individual’s system telephone display or to activate a predefined DAKS Alert Notification.

e-Mail Text Messages to System Phones
To e-mail a message, the sender uses his regular SMTP mail client (e.g. MS Outlook) and sends a message to the Mail2Phone application with e-mail address, including emailphone extension of recipient (e.g. 1414@DAKS.  The recipient must have a system telephone with a display (for example, OpenStage 60 or optiPoint 420) and be located within the corporate network.  The message may be up to 160 characters and will scroll on the phone’s two-line display (including sender identification).

With CorNet-NQ and SIP-Q, additional features are available, including:

  • emergency call signaling
  • busy station - forced release, call override or call waiting
  • confirmation and acknowledgements

Activate DAKS Alert Notifications via e-Mail
You may also use e-mail to launch a predefined DAKS Alert. Via an SMTP mail client, a user may send a message to DAKS with e-mail address, including the broadcast ID of the alert to be initiated (e.g. G101@DAKS.  Upon receipt of e-mail, DAKS will launch the alert notification and utilize all the applicable performance features, such as sequential or parallel dialing, different ways in which a called subscriber must confirm, follow-up alert notifications, etc.