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Impact Technologies announces Optic for Voice Networks™

Jun 10, 2019 | Network Management

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Impact Technologies announces Optic for Voice Networks™. Optic™ provides Stackable Analytics™ to effectively layer the respective needs of “big picture” metrics for strategic management and performance tracking of voice networks with highly focused analytics to isolate and identify operational anomalies. Optic offers a unique combination of the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and tools to optimize capacity levels, analyze the impact of coming changes and trap network conditions before they adversely impact performance.

“Building on Traffic Analyst’s success in the voice network management arena, we are excited to bring the next generation of visibility and key metrics to our customers,” commented Bryan Baehr, President of Impact Technologies. “For over 29 years, Impact is all about having a significant positive impact on our customers’ success. We are very excited to now expand our product suite with Optic., a solution to empower our customers to consistently provide a quality caller experience and maintain an optimized network in a manner consistent with their corporate financial goals.”

Optic includes the KPIs and tools for monitoring voice network activity and performance in real‐time.

  • Total Caller Experience®: Analytics and alarms to better design and operate networks to increase the certainty that callers can place and receive calls and have a quality experience.

  • Capacity Optimization:

    • Leverage usage trend analysis and modeling for SIP migration planning to determine CCP and CAC requirements, driving down service provider and system maintenance fees.

    • Identify and redeploy idle phones, reducing new purchases. 

  • Alarm Management: Proactively monitor and clear alarms to stay abreast and ahead of issues.

  • Enhanced Visualization: Geospatial displays and cyclical graphing offer advanced insight into trends, performance and usage.

  • Single Pane of Glass across Enterprise: Even for large, global enterprises, view the entire disparate network in a single solution, with consolidated dashboards, alarms, number management and more.

“Impact’s success is based on our high impact solutions that have consistently offered ease of use, flexibility, attractive price points and superior customer service,” stated Baehr. “For companies seeking a clear view of their voice network to assure service and drive down costs, Optic is a perfect fit.”

To learn more about Optic or to schedule a demo, contact us today.  Thanks for reading and check back soon for another post!

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